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C-Edge ERP: Streamlining Operations & Empowering Businesses with Integrated Software

To effectively manage your business, the ERP has various modules starting from Order management, Production planning to Invoicing.

best ERP software for apparel manufacturing in India

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Style Management

Order Management

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Production Planning

Production and Capacity Planning

Production Management

Production Planning
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Inventory Management

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best erp software for manufacturing in india

Role Permission

Accounts Management

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Frequently Asked Questions ?

From the time we started working on the ERP we always took security and data privacy as the top most priority. The entire ERP is using all the latest security features of Amazon Cloud (AWS), access tokens are used throughout the request and responses in the application and the data is end-to-end encrypted. For more details, please get in touch with our team.

ERP is specially designed to handle any type of business models, from Exports, FOB, Job work to your own brands. Any activity can be performed within your own premise or can be moved or outsourced as job work.

There are multiple ways through which we make sure that our customers are getting the best from our ERP.

  1. Extensive training programme onsite
  2. On-line trainings on demand
  3. Process manuals and videos
  4. Certifications courses for your personnels
  5. Codeverse account managers are just a call away for all your training needs.
We understand the market dynamics that is why we give utmost importance to trainings, below are the ways we have solved this: On-line training on-demand, any time 7 days a week. Process manuals and videos Onsite trainings (nominal fee is charged for repeated onsite trainings)

We have scheduled releases each and every month, usually it happens in the first 10 days of that month and release notes are shared with all the customers. These features are added based on the features asked by our customers. So, that means the ERP gets updated all the time. That is one of the greatest benefits of Cloud ERP. One of the advantages of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is that they are constantly evolving and improving, with new features and functionalities being added on a regular basis. The frequency of these updates can vary depending on the vendor and the specific ERP system being used. Here are some ways that ERP systems benefit from frequent updates:

  • Improved functionality: New features and functionalities are added to ERP systems to improve their capabilities and make them more effective in supporting business processes.
  • Enhanced security: Regular updates help to address security vulnerabilities and ensure that the ERP system remains secure and protected from cyber threats.
  • Better user experience: Updates can improve the user interface and overall user experience, making the ERP system easier to use and more accessible to a wider range of users.
  • Increased efficiency: New features and functionalities can help to streamline business processes, reduce manual work, and improve overall efficiency.

Overall, the frequency of updates to ERP systems can be seen as an advantage, as it ensures that the system remains up-to-date and relevant, and can continue to support the changing needs of the business over time.

As an end-user of an ERP system, you own the data. The ownership of the data itself typically remains with the company or organization that has implemented the ERP system, that means you. The terms of data ownership and usage are usually outlined in the contractual agreement between the ERP vendor and the company or organization. We push all the data every 7 days to your local or cloud drives like Google drive, One drive etc. Overall, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the ownership and usage rights of the data within the ERP system, in order to ensure that data privacy, security, and legal requirements are met.

Reduce administration labor hours as much as 40% with our apparel specific ERP!

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