Benefits of C-EDGE ERP

There are a lot of interesting features that will boost your business. Consider the fact that 70% of your cost is Raw materials, C-EDGE helps you track and minimize any wastage. It helps you use the raw materials that you bought. It keeps your labor efficiency to the best so that you get best for your money invested. Also, since it’s a cloud ERP, you don’t have to invest in costly servers and on its maintenance.

erp software Inventory Monitoring

Inventory Monitoring

It has a fully-integrated Inventory Management system. Fully illustrated stock information, purchase information, sale information. You will also get a notification before running out any product.

erp software Make Better Decision

Make Better Decision

Get a complete Graphical view of your business—from Accounts, Sale, Purchase, Inventory and Customer Service with reliable reports. You can make a better decision about the future of your business.

erp software Remote Access

Access Everywhere-Cloud ERP

You can control your business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You have the mobile apps to see and take decisions instantly.

erp software Comfortable Sales System

Plan your Production and see real time production data

Plan your entire units and batches, once planned and you create the Time and action plan, C-EDGE tracks the cutting, sewing and finishing process to inform you everyday if everything is going as planned or not.

erp software Online and offline Service

Plan and Track Style costing

Assign BOMs/RMs to style and calculate the style cost automatically, create Quote 1….Qoute 5 inside the system and get it approved. Once approved, track the actual costing based on your purchase cost and production efficiency.

erp software Bulk Data insert

Track your Job Orders

Make sure your job orders are done on time and debit them for short quantities. Rate their performance. Track each and every Job orders and see them on dashboard. Send Job orders part-wise, receive partially and track and each and every step

Erp Spectacular Dashboard

Spectacular Dashboard

You will get a full overview of your business in the dashboard of ERP system software. Not only listed views but also graphical view reports of our sales and inventory. Our ERP software dashboard is very fantastic and user-friendly.

erp software Android App Integration

Online and offline Business

Use the ERP to efficiently manage your manufacturing, Also, the ERP is integrated with Flipkart, Amazon, Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento to manage your online presence. Also, integrate with your custom websites.

Integrated with Tally

Integrated with Tally

Purchase orders, GRNs, Delivery challans, Debit and credit notes, invoices etc are integrated with Tally on a real time basis. Also, we are integrated with SAP, Zoho and Quickbooks.

Lets Introduce some features of the C-EDGE App

Most of the features of the web application are available in the mobile version in the form of iOS and Android app. It’s an easy to use and fast way to get your data into the ERP. It is very secure as well.

  • Portable ERP
  • See Style details
  • See Style Costing
  • Check inventory availability
  • Scan bar/QR codes for inventory
  • Request RMs from Stores
  • Key in production data
  • Check the dashboard
  • Check the finished quantities
  • Check the POs
  • Check the GRN quantities
  • Check the invoices

C-EDGE ERP Software Modules

To effectively manage your business, the ERP has various modules starting from Order management, production to invoicing. So, irrespective of whether you have your own Brand, or doing for any other brand or selling it online, the ERP covers you throughout Below are brief descriptions of few important modules

Dynamic Dashboard:

The best part is you can design your own dashboard. Also the dashboard gets loaded based on your role and what you want to see. You can see time and action data, Production data of Cut quantity, Sewn Quantity, Finished quantity and Inventory. All sales and geographic distribution etc can be viewed here.

Style management

Create new styles, copy from existing styles, attach images and tech packs etc. enter the consumption of BOMs and RMs. Decide the workflow for production. During assigning of the RMs see the availability of stocks, do the transfer of stocks to that style. Generate style costing and make changes in that, see and review actual costing, do pre-production and size set sample comments, generate Work Orders for your factories and batches. Also generate Bar-code labels.

Order Management

Use this module to generate Purchase Orders, when mapped to Styles, purchase orders will not let you order RMs more than what is required. Do GRNs, enter Buyer Purchase orders or Sales orders, generate invoices and do approvals etc. This module is integrated with Tally on a real time basis. So, with a click of a button, the values flows into Tally.

Production and Capacity planning:

This is the most widely used module to plan the production based on your manufacturing capacity. This module is used to decide when to make, where to make, inside the unit or outside as job work. Based on this planning time and action plan gets updated and shown on the dashboard and in various reports.

Production Management

Based on the workflow, the work order generated in the Style management will flow into production management. It will go through cutting, sewing, finishing etc. It can also be sent out as job work for each activity or as a whole. All the details will be shown in the production management page and also in the dashboard.

The production managment can also be used to process Yarn to ready fabric. Also, for jeans manufacturing, the entire washing module can be used.

Inventory Management

Maintain Styles and RM inventory as a whole or location wise. Assign RMs to Styles. Compute the valuation of your inventory. Download the inventory reports in excels
There are templates in excels which can be uploaded for data migration etc.

Real time Reports

There are around 40 types of various reports related to Style, costing, production, sales etc.

  • Production process report
  • Sales order report
  • Inventory consumption report
  • Finishing production report
  • Style inventory report
  • Quality report
  • Returns report
  • Stock report
  • Purchase order report
  • RM report

Any many more

Role Permission

Security is a very important issue for a business. To ensure your security Sales ERP has a magnificent Role Permission module. You can limit access of your system for a particular user. Suppose you don’t want to share your accounts or HRM information with your salesman. So you can select some modules he needs for him. After that, the salesman login will only see the selected module. You can make more than one role for use.

Accounts management

C-EDGE is integrated with majority of the financial accounting systems in india so that you do not have to worry about accounting and there is no training required for that.
All the financial informations from the ERP will automatically flow into your accounting system whether you are using Tally, SAP, Zoho Books or Quickbooks.

IOT Box Integrated

ERP is integrated with new generation of IOT machines which captures data automatically and gets into the ERP directly without user input. These data are captured through wi-fi enabled machines. This helps in faster data gathering process.

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Sales ERP Software Modules

To manage your business sales and marketing modules in the ERP system. ERP automates software to help to the sales and distribution activities with clients, follow-ups and opponent assessment, etc. Some of the sales ERP modules are described here.

Implementation Steps

Effortless installation process, Go-live in 10 days

We make the implementation process as seamless as possible. The steps involved are below

Setting up the Cloud Server (Day-1)
Put Customer required configuration (Day 2)
User training (Day 3 to 7)
Minor tweaks to suit customer needs (Day 8 to 9)
Go-live (Day 10)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Whether ERP is fast and secure

Ans: c-EDGE ERP runs on Amazon server (AWS) which is very efficient and due to its features like auto scaling etc it improves its RAM and storage capacity based on need and usage which is not possible in traditional on-premise servers, also the ERP is end to end encrypted and uses also the security features available in AWS

Q :Our business model is different so not sure the ERP can handle that

Ans: c-EDGE is designed to handle all scenarios of garment manufacturing whether you are doing everything in-house or sending out only one or multiple activities outside as job work or totally sending out the entire production process outside. c-EDGE can handle all the scenarios for exports, FOB and domestic manufacturing

Q : How do we know that the training is done successful

Ans: At the end of the training, all the trainees/users have to undergo a certification exam conducted by Codeverse Technologies, once they pass that certification, they are entitled to use the system

Q : The person trained left the job, now what to do with new users

Ans: Training is a continuous process, so once a trained person leaves the company, we train the new person online and he gets certified. Moreover, we have tons of training documentation and videos to help the new user.

Q : How frequently new features are added to the ERP

Ans: We have scheduled release each and every month, usually it happens in the first 10 days of that month and release notes are shared with all the customers. These features are added based on the features asked by our customers. So, that means the ERP gets updated all the time. That is one of the greatest benefits of Cloud ERP

Q : Do i own the data in the ERP

Ans: Certainly, you are the owner of your data. We push all the data every 7 days to your local or cloud drives like Google drive, One drive etc.

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