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Introducing Codeverse Productivity suite- Integrated ERP and CRM

Grow your Apparel Business
with ERP & CRM

Unlock New Avenues of Success: Harness the Transformative Power of Innovative Apparel ERP & CRM Integration for Your Fashion Business.
Now supercharged with Generative AI.
Enterprise Resource Planning
Implementation Steps

Effortless installation process, Go-live in 10 days

We make the implementation process as seamless as possible. The steps involved are below

Setting up the Cloud Server


Put Customer required configuration


User training

Day 3 to 7

Minor tweaks to suit customer needs

Day 8 to 9


Day 10

Optimizing Business with ERP & CRM Tools.
We help you take the next big step.

enterprise resource planning means


Enhance Fashion business efficiency: Seamlessly integrate ERP for Production planning, tracking and provide real-time insights.

customer relationship management


Publish products on various channels, run sales campaigns, track resources, send payment notifications and create sales pipelines.

enterprise resource planning system meaning

E-commerce and marketplace Inventory management

Integrate with your e-com sites and marketplaces, all these integrated with your production ERP and CRM

Operational Powerhouse

Revolutionizing Operations with Powerful ERP

From Couture to Commerce: ERP’s Design Symphony Orchestrates Apparel Success, Seamlessly Blending Creativity, Efficiency, and Trends for a Fashion Revolution

Enterprise Resource Planning
enterprise resource planning system is
Real-Time Insights

Introducing Codeverse Technologies

Ready to optimize your Operations and provide real-time visibility into your manufacturing? Welcome to our ERP & CRM software provider page, dedicated to serving the unique needs of the apparel industry!
cloud based erp software
Relationship Building

Nurturing Customer Relationships

Our CRM seamlessly weaves personalized interactions, streamlined orders, and trend-driven insights, crafting enduring connections that define modern apparel success.

Built-in connectors to the systems that run your business

data erp

Find and retain top customers with predictive insights

Predicted Revenue / Customer




Predicted Order Value / Customer




Results that drive real value

+ 0 %

Reduced Raw material spend

+ 0 %

Increased Timeliness

+ 0 %

Increased Customer satisfaction

+ 0 %

Duplication of effort

Brands Our Clients Work For

Client's Appreciation, Our Motivation

vasu deva
vasu deva
C-Edge Apparel ERP has simplified our supply chain management process. It has enabled us to effectively track and manage inventory across multiple locations, ensuring that we always have the right products available. The software's forecasting and demand planning features have also been invaluable in reducing excess inventory and optimizing our stock levels.
Manoj Niranjan
Manoj Niranjan
We have been using C-Edge Apparel ERP for several years now, and it has consistently delivered exceptional results. Its robust order management system, along with its integrated CRM module, has helped us enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen our relationships. The software's scalability has also accommodated our business growth seamlessly.
As a small apparel business, C-Edge Apparel ERP has been a game-changer for us. It has automated many manual tasks, saving us valuable time and resources. The software's reporting capabilities have given us deep insights into our sales trends, customer preferences, and production efficiency. It's a powerful tool that has positively impacted our bottom line.
Ancy Kingini
Ancy Kingini
C-Edge Apparel ERP has transformed our business operations. The software is incredibly user-friendly and offers a comprehensive range of features tailored specifically for the apparel industry. It has streamlined our processes, improved inventory management, and provided us with accurate real-time data. Highly recommended!
Sambit Mahapatra
Sambit Mahapatra
C-Edge Apparel ERP is a valuable tool for apparel businesses seeking to streamline their operations and enhance efficiency. It has greatly improved our processes and provided us with valuable insights into our business performance.
Ajay chinna
Ajay chinna
We find the ERP very simple to use
Sundari Ram
Sundari Ram
No more downtime, good reliability
The best part of C-Edge is that it's very user-friendly and efficient in controls. Dashboards are also very attractive, easy to get reports
Pruthvi reddy
Pruthvi reddy
We avoided so much RM costs as ERP doesn’t allow to order duplicate RMs
Anusha Appannagari
Anusha Appannagari
By using c-edge we have saved so much on raw materials costs..

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